4 Methods to Develop Your Intuition

Every person has the skill of intuition. It’s there to protect, guide, and help us as we develop. However, many adults push intuition aside and listen to what society says is the right thing to do. As this is done more frequently, gut feelings and internal voices may be listened to less and less.

When you stop using your intuition, you can start to lose it. However, there are several ways you can develop your intuition to avoid this result.


When your energy is all over the place, it’s more challenging to reach your intuition. You need a quiet moment to tap into your intuition. Creating a silent environment will help you tune in and find it. Meditation is a great option and it doesn’t have to be a huge production. Simply sit without distraction for a few minutes or try a guided meditation.

Scan Your Body

Many people don’t take time to relax and see how they feel physically. Instead, we’re moving from one thing to the next. Slow down and think about how your body feels and what that means to you. Scan your body several times a day to note sensations or tension you are experiencing. The idea is to be more present and pay attention to what your body is saying to you.

Fast from Technology

Distraction is everywhere, especially with all the screens most people use. Sometimes we might be too busy with all the alerts and notifications that we miss what our intuition has to say. Consider taking a short technology detox to help with this. Even a few hours can make a huge difference. Taking a break from digital devices lets you hear messages and take in insights from the subconscious.

Write in a Journal

A great way to override your conscious mind is through writing. It lets you bring thoughts to the surface to examine. Sit down once a day and experiment by writing down a bit about the things on your mind. Put down interesting coincidences and signs. You can move forward trying to learn what they mean and how they connect.

It can take patience and practice to develop your intuition, but the results are worth it. Once you have a personal intuition, you’ll wonder how you handled life without it. Intuition is for everyone, not only those who are spiritual or who live relaxed lives. It’s a tool that you should use regularly.

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