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What It’s Like to Be a Medium

Being a medium is a unique and often misunderstood experience. Mediums claim to communicate with the spirits of the deceased, a capability that sets them apart in the spiritual and paranormal communities. This blog explores what life is like for those who identify as mediums.

The Basics of Being a Medium

Mediumship involves the perceived communication between the living and the dead. Mediums often describe this as receiving messages through thoughts, feelings, visions, or physical sensations. Each medium may experience these communications differently, depending on their abilities and the interaction context. This form of communication is typically intended to bring comfort or closure to the living.

Daily Life of a Medium

For many mediums, their abilities are a part of daily life. They might receive spontaneous messages from the other side, which can be both a gift and a challenge. Balancing normal life activities with the demands of spirits seeking to communicate can require setting strict personal boundaries. Many mediums establish specific times for these communications to effectively manage this aspect of their lives.

The Emotional Impact

Working as a medium can be emotionally taxing. Engaging with spirits who may be conveying messages of unresolved issues or emotional distress can impact a medium’s mental health. Additionally, mediums often deal with the skepticism and disbelief of others, which can add to the emotional burden. Nevertheless, many find deep fulfillment in providing solace to those grieving lost loved ones.

Training and Development

Many mediums undergo years of training and development to hone their abilities. This training might include understanding how to control and enhance their communication with spirits. Workshops, mentorship from experienced mediums, and continuous practice are common in their development. It’s a journey of personal and spiritual growth.

Ethical Considerations

Ethical practices are crucial in mediumship. Mediums must navigate the responsibilities of delivering potentially sensitive or upsetting information. They strive to ensure that their readings are conducted with honesty, integrity, and compassion. Setting clear expectations and maintaining confidentiality are also essential aspects of their practice.

Skepticism and Acceptance

Mediums often face skepticism from the public and scientific community. Many people demand empirical evidence of the afterlife and psychic abilities, which are difficult to provide. Despite this, mediums find acceptance and respect within communities that value spiritual experiences. The personal testimonials of clients who believe they’ve benefited from consultations can affirm the medium’s role.


Being a medium involves more than just communicating with the deceased; it’s about managing a unique set of emotional, ethical, and social challenges. For those who believe in their abilities, mediumship is a deeply rewarding vocation that offers a chance to assist both the living and the dead. While not without its difficulties, including skepticism and emotional strain, the role of a medium is ultimately about providing peace and closure. It’s a profound service grounded in the spiritual belief that life and relationships continue beyond physical death. Contact Mel Doerr today to learn more!

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