How to Tap Into Your Own Intuition

What is intuition? Most of us have experienced it at one point or another. Maybe you were in a situation where you had a strong gut feeling about what you should (or should not) do. That’s what we call intuition. 

Defining intuition can be challenging but when you feel it, you know. It’s a sense of awareness that something is true. It can look different for everyone but it’s something you notice when it happens. And the good news is that you can develop your intuition with a little work.


When your energy is scattered, it’s harder to tap into your intuition. It’s more likely to be present in quiet moments, so spending time in silence is a great way to develop intuition. If you’ve never tried meditation in the past, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply sitting for a few minutes without distraction is enough. Guided meditation is another option.

Body Scans

Lots of people grow up learning to push away the feelings in their bodies, which doesn’t let our intuition grow. Take time each day to think about how your body feels and what that means. Scan your body and consider where you feel tension and why that might be the case. The idea is to be more present and aware of what your body has to say.

Go Outside

Head into nature to develop your intuition. Enjoying the beauty of nature and its perfection can help you clear distracting thoughts, decompress, and be more aware of your place in the world. Be aware of the thoughts that run through your mind while outdoors because that’s a part of your intuition. It’s simple but it can really help.

Avoid Technology

Taking a fast from technology can help with intuition. There’s nothing more distracting than staring at a screen all day long. Choose a date and do a technology detox. It doesn’t have to be for an entire day – even a few hours is enough to cleanse the brain and refresh the body. Having a digital-free space lets you gain new insights and listen to the thoughts that come into your brain.

Are you looking to learn more about how to develop your sense of intuition? Mel Doerr’s website has tons of tips and tricks to help you move forward. With intuition, you’ll have the tools you need to take action to create your best life.

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