Contemplating a Major Life Change? Follow Your Intuition

Are you one of those people who tie themselves into knots of anxiety and stress when there’s a big change on the horizon? There are more of us than you might think. It’s natural to feel anxious when contemplating a major life change, whether that’s going back to school, tying the knot, changing careers, having kids, or something else. 

Rather than tell you not to worry about it, the best advice is actually to follow your intuition.

What’s Intuition?

We all have intuition, although some of us are more tuned into it than others. Have ever had a “gut feeling” that turned out to be correct? That’s intuition. Psychology Today defines it as “arising holistically and quickly, without awareness of the underlying mental processing of information”. Rather than consciously weighing pros and cons, your subconscious processes vast volumes of information you may not be aware you even possess and then presents you with the results of that analysis.

Why Follow Your Intuition?

In a world where logic is supposed to reign supreme, advice to follow your intuition rather than conscious decision-making might seem a little strange. Why follow your intuition? Simply put, it’s often right. 

You may have noticed the caveat built into this explanation. Our intuitions are often right, but they’re not always correct. That’s because, in addition to other information, our intuitions are influenced by our thoughts and emotions. Those can color how we unconsciously feel about something and give incorrect information.

You can still follow your intuition where that major life change is concerned, but going with your initial gut reaction may not be the right choice. Don’t mistake following your intuition with getting instant results or knowing immediately what’s right and wrong. It takes time, even when following your gut. 

A few different techniques can help you peel the onion of your intuition and remove the influences of negative thoughts and emotions so you can see the situation clearly. For instance, you can meditate on the life change and/or the situation surrounding it. Journaling is another powerful tool to help you strip away emotional colorations to see the true intuitive knowledge you inherently possess. 

When you take the time necessary and use the tools available, you gain important insights. Those then allow you to tap into what your subconscious has been trying to tell you and chart your course forward more confidently. Contact Mel to learn more today!

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