Understanding Mediums: Can They Really See the Future?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could gain access to a crystal ball and see our future in perfect detail? That would answer so many questions. We’d all have complete surety about what comes next. There would be no more wondering if we’d made the right decision or how things would turn out years down the road. 

Of course, no such crystal balls exist, so many people turn to mediums to answer these types of questions. But can they really see the future?

It’s Not What You Think

For most people, the first appointment with a medium is laden with a lot of misperceptions. You might think that because someone is a medium or has psychic abilities, that they’re the human equivalent of the crystal ball we just mentioned. That’s not really the case. Mediumship doesn’t work that way. 

So, how does it work then? It’s all about relationships and possibilities. 

The Truth about Mediums

Mediums don’t have a direct view of your future. They can’t connect to your brain or soul and see what you’ll be doing in 10 years in 4k resolution. Instead, mediums see possibilities, connections, and branches. They deal in likelihoods and possibilities, heavily influenced by their deep intuition and psychic abilities.

Based on that, a medium can sit down and speak with you and envision potential outcomes based on how you are and the direction your life is taking. Their abilities are geared more toward surfacing deep insights and helping you chart a path forward, rather than giving you an iron-clad prediction of what is coming down the road. 

Mediums help us make informed decisions based on a more accurate view of the situation, ourselves, and our goals. After all, a life without any mystery would be about as bland as watching reruns of the same TV show over and over again. Human beings don’t really want to know their futures. They want some assurance that they have a degree of control over those futures. They want agency and for their goals and decisions to matter. Mediums help give their clients that sense of agency, control, and confidence.

This is why mediums are consulted for so many situations beyond what you might consider “predicting the future”. People ask questions about career paths, romance, and how to handle situations that have already passed.

Interested in learning more? Explore for more information about how mediums can help. 

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