Nobody wants to lose a loved one. It can be a terrible time in life to go without someone who meant so much to you. Maybe you wish you could have said something in the past or want to share something that has happened since death occurred.

What you may not know is that love can be experienced from the other side – as long as you open yourself up to the experience

Sensing a Presence

When you are sitting all alone in a room, you can experience love from the other side. Sometimes, a loved one is there with you in spirit. It can manifest as a feeling that runs through your body and is a way for the deceased to communicate with you. This is the most common feeling people get from loved ones who have moved on.

Hearing a Voice

Another way some people experience communication from dead loved ones is through their voices. This is very common and can happen in one of two ways. Some individuals hear an audible external voice while others experience an internal voice that is different from an inner thought. Sometimes, the voice is exactly like that of a departed soul, and other times it may be more otherworldly.

Feeling a Touch

Another way you might experience the love of someone on the other side is through touch. Usually, these feelings are tactile and comforting for the person in question. However, fewer people recognize this sign since most people can’t distinguish between the touch of various people. Still, in some cases, it may happen. Savor the moment and realize the person may have something to share with you.

Smelling a Fragrance

If you suddenly notice a scent that reminds you of a loved one who is deceased, they could be there with you in spirit. It doesn’t have to be perfume. It can be any scent you associate with the person, such as flowers, foods, or tobacco smoke. If there’s nowhere the scent seems to be coming from, this could be a sign someone wishes to communicate with you.

Are you ready to experience love from someone on the other side? Mel Doerr may be able to help you. Mel can carry messages between worlds and give you the communication you desire from someone who is no longer in your life today.

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