Identifying, and Listening to, Your Intuition

Have you ever felt that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that lets you know something is very wrong? Or, maybe you have made a decision confidently, based on a feeling you just couldn’t shake. Your intuition, sometimes referred to as a “gut feeling” or “inner voice”, can be a guiding force throughout your life. You just have to know how to tap into it, and how to listen to it, in order to use it to its full potential.

Get Still
Our lives are so busy, full of personal and professional obligations. Our to-do lists are long and our phones are buzzing nearly all hours of the day. These distractions can make listening to your intuition impossible. Stillness is the first step in identifying and listening to your inner voice, but it can be difficult to stay still for too long for most of us.

Being comfortable while quiet and still requires practice. Each day, make time for a few minutes of stillness. The morning tends to be a good time for this practice, but you may find it easiest to squeeze in during lunch or before bed. In any case, set an alarm for two minutes, close your eyes, and practice being quiet. Your mind will race at first, and that’s okay. Eventually, you will be able to bring your attention back to yourself and your breath. Once you master a few minutes, increase your stillness time minute by minute.

Pay Attention
You are most likely to hear your intuition when you are quiet, which is why practicing stillness is so important. However, once you are able to tune into it, you can tune into it in almost any situation. You just have to pay attention.

You can pay attention to your intuition by noticing what you are feeling when you think about a certain decision or situation. Do you feel excited and encouraged when thinking about an upcoming job promotion decision, or do you feel anxious and unsure? This could be your intuition guiding you to the best way to handle the situation.

Get Help
Finding your intuition can be difficult, especially if you haven’t experimented with it before. Mel Doerr offers his expertise and guidance in a variety of services here in the Chicagoland suburbs. Consider working with him during an Intuitive Strategic Planning Session or in a group class geared to harnessing the power of intuition.

Give our office a call to get started today. Your intuition is waiting.

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