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Is Your Love Life Haunted By Your Past Relationships?

February is a month typically associated with love, but if you find yourself alone or in a negative relationship, you may not feel like celebrating. While no relationship – romantic or otherwise – is perfect, toxic relationships are especially awful and damaging to both parties. As you take a moment to review your current relationships, or lack thereof, have you ever wondered if your past relationships could be the culprit of your bad luck?

It’s true – past relationships can sometimes haunt our current ones, often without us realizing it initially. Your connection with your parents, a childhood friend, or a past partner can change us in ways that could hinder (or help) every relationship we start. Here are a few ways relationships can haunt us.

Fear of Failure
Did you grow up in a home where failure was never an option? If you have ever had a relationship that caused you to think that failure is not common (it is!) or useful (it is!), then you could go into new relationships worried that it will fail. This anxiety could cause you to sabotage the relationship before it even gets started.

Fear of Abandonment
Did a partner leave you unexpectedly, or did one of your parents leave home without further contact? This anxiety about abandonment could make you slow to trust a new partner, causing you to feel insecure and even pick fights.

Fear of Vulnerability
Did you tell a childhood friend a big secret and they spread it around the school? Or, did you confess your feelings to a partner only to have them run away? Being vulnerable is a big part of relationships, but if you have had bad experiences in the past, you could find yourself choosing to build a wall around your thoughts and feelings. You can never have a successful relationship without feeling comfortable enough to let the other person in.

Your past relationships are complex, and they are a part of who you are. However, you don’t have to carry around baggage with you that will negatively affect the next relationship in your life, or your self-esteem.

Let Mel Doerr work through some of your unresolved relationship issues with you during an intuitive session. He can tell you things you need to hear in order to heal, move on, and love again. Call to set up your appointment today.

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