Honing Your Intuition Can Keep Emotions in Check

Have you ever been labeled as an ‘emotional’ person? Or have you ever said that you weren’t intuitive? Our intuition (or ‘gut’) can tell us a lot about the world. Often times, it will do so even when we least expect it. If you’ve ever, even once gotten the feeling that “we shouldn’t be here” or “something is wrong”; you’ve already experienced the strength of this hidden force. Intuition can often save us from bad situations, but it can also act as an emotion regulator too.

Emotions and Intuitions

If you’ve ever felt like you were not in full control of your emotions, it could be that you were denying your intuition. Our intuition works together with the environment around us to give us immediate information on a situation. That’s how we can make the best, informed, decisions. Sometimes, when we deny this natural force inside of us, it can turn into an internalized sickness. This often comes out as a physical sickness—but for other people, this can manifest as a loss of emotional control. This is especially true when there is some form of repression happening in our minds.

Luckily for us, since we know and understand how our intuition works. There are strategies which will help us to hone and develop our intuition. A simple example of a person honing their intuition can come from a change in response to stimuli. For instance, if a person were furious at their coworker for eating their lunch, and then that same person did not have honed intuition, it could see as if the coworker was just careless—even lazy. But, the person with honed intuition would be able to see why their coworker took the lunch, and they would be able to better control their emotions through this understanding.

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