Ways Your Body Tries to Tell You When Something is Off

Our brains work in mysterious ways—our bodies are usually just along for the ride. Sometimes, our brain will sense when something is wrong or not quite right; then, it will tell us the only way it really can, which is by making us physically feel things. There are different stages of this, sometimes described as different intensities. These are some of the most common stages and their symptoms.

Stage 1: Something is Off

Stage one is the most commonly felt signal from your brain. It is usually an immediate feeling in the morning, but sometimes it can activate during the day or in a particular situation. If you do not immediately know the cause through your intuition, leave the room or the area to see if the feeling subsides. If it does not, there is something significant happening, and you should remain on alert for other signs.

Stage 2: Anxiety or Fear

If the off feeling continues, it may become a mental/physical barrier. Anxiety and fear are often the best signs that this is happening. But also remember that the stages are not unilateral; you may start with one then get two; other times, you may begin with two or three before one. It is normal to feel mild anxiety in certain situations, but anything more should be considered a sign from your intuition that something is happening that you need help with.

Stage 3: Physical Illness

Doctors say this is a ‘stress response.’ It is a sudden sickness brought forth by the body itself. This means that it does not require contact with a virus or bacteria to start—it is literally from inside of you. These cases are often intense and result in trips to the hospital after a few days of continuous illness. In these cases, our intuition and body respond in extreme ways because something is seriously wrong. Consider calling a professional immediately.

If you are at stage 3 or experiencing symptoms of stages 1 or 2, contact the professionals. Mel Doerr has been providing guidance and help for people for decades. He can help you learn how to appreciate and read your intuition too. Contact him today.

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