Have you ever heard the little voice in your head warn you about a certain person? Or, have you ever made a decision based on your gut reaction and nothing else? Many of us have found ourselves in these situations, using our little voice or gut feeling to guide us in life. No matter how you describe it personally, you are talking about your intuition.

Your intuition is an innate sense of feeling that your body communicates. It can be a vital tool in knowing when something is wrong – or when something is right – around you or inside of you. However, some people have serious issues tapping into their intuition. Here are a few ways you can find yours once again.

Get Quiet
Our world is a busy one. Between meetings, obligations, relationships, and technology, our general environment is LOUD. We cannot expect to hear or feel our intuition when we are plugged into the noise around us. Make it a part of your daily routine to get quiet at least once. You can meditate or pray, or you can simply close your eyes and sit quietly. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel, and you can learn how to tap into that peace any time throughout the day.

Let Go of What Others Think
While getting the advice from others in your life can be an important tool when making decisions, it is not wise to base your perceptions solely on the opinions of others. Get used to letting the thoughts or expectations of others roll off your back, staying true to only yourself and your goals. Once you drop the expectations of others, you can feel your own intuition again.

Get Help
Mel Doerr has always been plugged into his intuition, and he uses it now to give others the confidence to find their own. If you have ever wanted to learn more about your own intuition and how it can guide you through your future, Mel Doerr can teach you. Give the office a call to set up a reading or to inquire about upcoming classes.

Your intuition is an important voice in your life. Learn how to harness its power.

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