Have you ever felt nervous about a situation, like a big test or before making a big decision? Anxiety is a common feeling, but for millions of Americans, the feeling is not fleeting. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the country. More than 40 million people live with anxiety, and symptoms can range from minimal to severe.

If you have anxiety, whether occasionally or chronically, there are a few ways you can lessen the physical symptoms. Here are a few tips for managing your anxiety. Remember, none of these are a quick fix, and you should seek help from your medical provider for further guidance.

Try Meditation

You don’t have to sit in a corner and chant to receive the extensive benefits of meditation. Instead, practice quieting your mind for just a few minutes at a time before working your way up to longer time frames. Try using an app like HeadSpace if you are unsure how to calm your busy thoughts, and practice at the same time of day, every day for a week before making a decision if you want to continue. Once you harness the power of calming your mind, you can utilize meditation any time you are feeling especially anxious.

Eat and Drink Well
Our body can cope with stress better when it is fueled with the right combination of nutrients. Make it a habit to drink plenty of water each day, and steer clear of sugary drinks. Eat colorful vegetables and fruits instead of processed foods, when possible. Moderation is the key to most things in life, and your diet should allow for treats while having a foundation of nutrient dense foods.

Seek Counsel
If your anxiety is about an upcoming life decision or situation, you may find relief talking about it with someone else. Go over your feelings with a trusted friend or counselor, or seek a support group that could help you process your thoughts.

Trust Your Gut
Sometimes, our mind tells us things through our body. Anxiety could mean you are not listening to your intuition. If you aren’t sure how to tap into that feeling, consider making an appointment with Intuitive Mel Doerr. He specializes in teaching others how to listen to the powerful voice of intuition, and can provide guidance based on his own highly sensitive intuitive skills.

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