Feeling Confident as the World Reopens

As restrictions start to loosen and life slowly begins to go back to a new normal in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, it may be difficult to accept that things are ok. If you are finding yourself feeling overwhelmed with anxiety or emotions in general, it is important to find your center and breathe. Realize that you are not alone in this fight and that many others are feeling the same way.

Find Your Mental Happy Place

It’s impractical to assume that one can go from being locked down and closed off from social interaction to just going back to normal right away. However, that doesn’t mean it will never happen. We all must remember that our fears and anxieties are real, face them but don’t let them control you. 

Acknowledging your triggers gives you the power to say “I recognize you are there, but you will not control my life” this makes you in charge and not your fears. Remember not to ignore what is causing you stress, this only leads to more stress. Remind yourself that you are in charge, you are the one at the wheel, you can do anything you set your mind to.

Heading Out in the World Again

You will start to gain more confidence as time goes on but if you find yourself beginning to panic remember how far you have come. Whatever you have used in the past whether it be breathing exercises or daily mantras, keep it up. These exercises are a reminder that you have been here before and you made it through, you will make it again. 

Think about how great it will feel to leave the salon with that new haircut or the grocery store with the ingredients for that great meal. Think about the endgame, and focus on the positive of what you are trying to accomplish. Keeping your mind focused on the good helps you achieve your goals, and then the next one, and the next one.

If you feel you need a helping hand and a friendly voice to help guide in a positive direction, give Mel a call today. A caring and dedicated listener can help ease your mind and direct you in the positive direction you want to go.


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