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What’s the Difference Between Psychic and Intuitive?

You often hear people talk about being intuitive and knowing certain things before they happen. One of the common questions that people then ask is whether that means the person is psychic or not. Is there a difference between these two things besides the words being used? There is, but it’s not as large of a difference as you might think.

Psychic or Intuitive?

Intuition is knowing who is knocking at the door before you answer it. Intuition could also be having a feeling that you shouldn’t go out on a certain day and deciding to stay home only to find out you missed being held up in traffic because of an accident. Maybe you know what someone is going to say before they say it.

All of those are simple examples of intuition. Now, you might be thinking that it sounds quite a lot like being psychic. You would be right. A lot of people use the words interchangeably, and there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that. However, intuition is generally considered the “first stage” of being psychic, and it is something that a lot of people have.

Chances are good that you know a few intuitive people, and you might even have a strong intuition yourself. The only real difference between intuitive and psychic is the time and dedication put into honing this ability.

Those who are truly psychic generally are those who paid attention to their intuition and then focused on developing it further, making it stronger. Instead of just knowing things, psychics are instead using the power consciously and will often direct it to attempt to get certain answers.

The types of answers that a dedicated psychic can receive tend to be more detailed, stronger, and deeper than what someone who is just a surface-level intuitive.

Most people have at least some intuition and could learn to improve their psychic abilities. Of course, it comes easier to some than it does to others. There are some natural psychics to are gifted the same way that an athlete might be seen as gifted. They still have to exercise that psychic muscle… it just tends to be easier for them.

If you are going to talk with someone about your future, you want to work with those who are psychics who have worked on developing their abilities. You will get deeper information than you would by trying to intuit a way forward on your own. Contact Mel Doerr for more information.

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