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What You Should and (Shouldn’t) Ask a Medium

If you are thinking about going to a medium, there are likely quite a few questions you have. Whether this is your first time working with a medium, or you have talked with them in the past, it pays to have an idea of the types of questions you should ask… and those best to avoid.

Types of Questions to Ask

Each medium is different, but you will find that most can help to guide you during your initial sessions, so you have an understanding of how it will progress.

When you are trying to communicate with a loved one who has passed, you may want to ask the medium whether the deceased has anything that they want you to know. You could ask what your loved one is going in the spirit world and how they are faring.

You can ask the medium about your current state of being—relationships, work, family, life, etc.—to get some deeper insight. Ask for advice on how to best move forward and how to recognize spirit guides. There are plenty of questions you can ask, and most won’t be a problem.

What Not to Ask

Although you should feel comfortable with your medium, there are also some things that you shouldn’t ask them.

You will want to avoid asking about your future. You might be asking yourself why that’s something to not ask since psychics are supposed to know the future. While some psychic mediums may be able to guide you or provide you with some predictions, there are problems with this, as it doesn’t work that way. Things in the future aren’t concrete like they are in the past. So, don’t ask psychics for lottery numbers, the right horses to pick for the trifecta, etc.

What Do They Do?

Psychic mediums tend to be focused on the spirit world that’s all around us in the here and now. They can commune with those who have passed on and relay messages. This is where the medium can shine… not with parlor tricks that don’t work. With that said, you probably don’t want to ask silly questions like “do you see dead people”. Most have heard that more than enough.

What you want to do is find a medium that you can trust and that you like, who you can build a good working relationship with. They can provide you with guidance and answers to many of the questions you may have. Just remember that the relationship should be mutually respectful. Reach out to Mel Doerr if you have any questions!

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