Improve Your Intuition to Get Ahead at Work

Often, we are told that the workplace is an emotionless void. It is a place where facts and logic surpass all feelings. Further, your performance is determined by your product and your progress, by your personality. Intuition is a usable tool, regardless of the familiar adage to divorce feelings and work. It would be ideal for you to improve your intuition to get ahead at work; many successful people use these methods for improvement. Nearly all of them are used by the successful in bettering their performance to get ahead.

Meditate Every Morning (or Day)

The best time for you to meditate will be early in the morning. This is because our intuition is strongest in the morning and right before we need it. By practicing meditation in the morning, you can help to listen to the subtle signs of your intuition before work. Often, people find that to activate their intuition, it helps to sit in a quiet room and reflect on the past. This helps us identify those parts of our intuition that we ignored or missed before. You will also gain the added benefits of calming elements that meditation will give you, improving your mood before you work.

Engage in Activities that Bring You Higher

There are specific activities that help bring you closer to your intuition. Often these are repetitive physical activities. This is because at a certain point, the brain switches off, and the body knows what needs to be done. This allows your emotional state to grow closer to your intuition and identify more of its messages—the best and fastest way to reach this state is by running.

Professional runners sometimes describe a “runner’s high” when they run in a particular way for extended periods. They have described it as a joyous and happy feeling. They do not realize that their happiness is a side effect of their intuition powered up and active. Their mood improves, their reflexes get faster, their body becomes peaceful. Practicing this during the week, around your work schedule, will significantly help activate your intuition and utilize it on demand at work.

Your time spent with Mel Doerr is time that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Give these two practices a try, and then contact me to help you further.

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