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Setting Goals: Strategies and Tips

Making steps forward in life requires more than just a desire to change. Indeed, setting goals can help you gain momentum as you push through life. When you know how to write short and long term goals effectively, you not only increase your chance of success, but you also can see how far you have come since your goal setting session.

Take a look at just a few of our time tested tips and strategies for setting goals that will stick, and begin your life work now!

Make them SMART
Writing a goal is different than writing down a desire or a wish. To be effective, you should make your goals SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Without each of these characteristics, you may find yourself struggling to know if you met your goal or how to measure your progress. Without these measuring points, it is easier for you to forget about your goal and stop working towards it.

Write them down
A Harvard Business Study showed that 3% of MBA graduates who wrote down their goals earned ten times as much as the other 97% after a decade. Written goals provide a sense of accountability than goals that are just thought about.

Tell someone
To increase the accountability to work on, and meet, your goal, tell someone about it! When you take time to tell someone about your goal, you foster a sense of obligation. Your accountability partner can encourage you and celebrate your goal milestones as well as offer support.

Look at them
Out of sight, out of mind is true for your goals. Find a place in your home or office to hang your goals so that you can see them on a regular basis. These glimpses of your short and long term goals can keep you making good decisions on a daily basis.

Get some help
If you are struggling to set goals due to emotional stress or worry, consider making an appointment with Mel Doerr. His Intuitive Strategic Planning sessions can give you remarkable insights into your past, present and future. Use your time together to develop your goals, or to work towards a mindset ready to write new life goals.

Give Mel a call today to set up your next appointment. Today is the day you can make the changes you have always wanted – let’s work together.

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