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Intuitive Myths Debunked

Have you ever felt confused or overwhelmed with the direction your life is moving? Or, perhaps you know what it is like to feel anxiety over a barrier in your life that you just can’t seem to overcome. Maybe you are seeking some type of closure on events in your past, or from people who have passed away. Mel Doerr has worked with plenty of individuals who have struggled with the same feelings and challenges.

Seeking a session with an Intuitive is an excellent way to get additional guidance on life’s decisions. However, if you have never been to an intuitive session, you may be curious what it is really like or you might be timid to set up an appointment because of a myth you have heard in the past. In an effort to help clients feel at ease, here are just a few myths about Intuitives that we have heard over the years.

An Intuitive is a mind reader.
Mel Doerr would never consider himself a mind reader. In fact, his gift comes from reading your energy and getting a feel for your situation by simple conversation.

An Intuitive is just guessing until they tell you what you want to hear.
A session with Mel Doerr is nothing like a party trick or a guessing game. In fact, you will be astounded that he is able to connect with you right away, giving you the guidance and reassurance that you were seeking as you began your session. There’s no hidden speakers or other tricks here – just real connection and real answers.

You only need to meet with an Intuitive once.
When you work with Mel, you are welcome to meet once or more than once. Many of Mel’s clients have been long-term relationships that have lasted for decades. While some clients only need one session, most people will choose to come back in different phases of their lives.

A session with Mel Doerr is unlike any other Intuitive session you may have been to. Mel excels at connecting with each of his clients, and for those that choose to use his Intuitive Strategic Planning practice, the connection continues into goal setting. Give Mel a call today to set up your appointment and discover what you have been missing.

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