Health Benefits of Regular Meditation

When most people think about ways to improve their physical wellbeing, they don’t often think about meditation. That’s mostly because it was an eastern world philosophy and practice until just a few short decades ago. But as more and more people begin to see its overall benefits and it becomes a more mainstream form of exercise and fitness, we are now really starting to understand the numerous individual perks it offers:

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

This is one of the biggest and most well-know benefits of frequent mediation. When left unchecked, this emotional baggage can turn into physical pain. If continually ignored over time, it can lead to more serious conditions such as high blood pressure, chronic migraines and other health concerns.

Increased Emotional Wellbeing

There is a clear connection between mental/emotional health and physical health. When we are well-adjusted and emotionally stable, our body produces all of the necessary hormones and chemicals to function properly. Issues such as depression, social anxiety and others throw those systems out of whack.

Better Sleep

Getting the proper amount of rest each night (7-8 hours for adults, 8-9 for children) is critical to function properly. Since most people fail to get enough sleep night after night, they are slowly developing sleep deprivation. Mediation is a great, all-natural sleep aid.

Pain Management

Meditation has also shown to be very effective for treating or managing pain in some who practice it regularly. While this certainly cannot be said of each individual person, and it is by no means meant as medical advice, for those who are able to find relief through its repetitive stretching and stabilizing exercises, that one benefit alone makes it more than worth the effort.

Improved Cognitive Function

One of the biggest motivators for people to add a meditation routine to their schedule is the mental benefit. Many people claim that they or their elderly loved ones have shown notable improvement in focus and memory after taking up this practice.

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