How Meditation Can Improve Work and School Focus

Medical science is just recently catching up to what the eastern world has known for years; meditation has many benefits. While that topic deserves its own series of posts, today we want to narrow our focus on the subject. In particular, we want to offer a brief but informative article on how meditation helps with focus and concentration, mainly in the areas of school and work. Here are 3 great examples:

It Helps Regulate Sleep Cycles

Countless, in-depth studies show that nearly two-thirds of people are suffering some level of sleep deprivation. That means that two out of three of your co-workers are dealing anything from mild to chronic sleep deprivation. While those numbers apply to adults, child and teenage sleep studies show about half of non-adults also struggle with sleep. Not only does that make it much more difficult to focus on the task at hand, it can also be dangerous on the job or when driving.

It Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Some of the biggest obstacles to focus are mental things like worry, fear or a looming sense of dread. These things all go along with stress and anxiety. Anxiety is the purely mental or emotional aspect of this feeling. Stress is the physical aspect of it which often includes pain. This can many times be the cause of frequent headaches, shoulder, neck and back pain and sometimes even chest pains.

It May Help Manage Attention Deficit Syndrome

There has also been some very promising research in the study of how mediation impacts learning disorders such as ADD and ADHD. One of particular interest showed that learning a simple breathing exercise increased the classroom’s sense of calm and focus. The tools needed to meditate are also needed to concentrate.

Without the ability to hone in one project or one task, we cannot function. We can’t do our jobs at work safely and correctly. We can’t pay attention long enough in class to grasp the material. Maybe one day meditation could even offer a choice other than drug prescriptions for these disorders.

It takes a lot of work to create a new habit such as meditating. It is especially difficult in a world filled with devices and electronics which are steadily reducing our ability to concentrate. That’s why we here at offer personalized spiritual guidance through psychic therapy. Give us a call today!


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