Your Intuition Can Guide You to the Right Mentors in Life

People in all different areas of life can be considered to be ‘mentors’. They serve as figures who guide and assist us through the trials and tribulations we encounter along our journey. However, sometimes it’s difficult to find a mentor – perhaps you don’t know where to look or if there is anyone out there who could truly help you out. Fortunately, your intuition can provide some clues for finding the right people to learn from.

Let Your Intuition Be Your Guide

Here are five tips that your intuition might offer for identifying potential mentors:

1) Pay close attention to how someone speaks

People often say that they got ‘a good feeling’ about somebody when they first met them based on their personality or appearance. This is actually due to how this other person spoke and certain facial cues that stood out to them. For example, if someone is confident and focused, they will speak clearly with little hesitation – which you can pick up on through their tone of voice.

2) Trust your gut instincts beyond the first meeting

If somebody leaves a lasting impression on you at the first meeting, it might be worth pursuing this potential mentor further. However, don’t simply have one conversation with them or one look at their personality before you decide whether or not they are worthy of being your mentor. If the person’s personality made an impact early on but now doesn’t seem compatible with what you’re looking for in a learning partner, perhaps move on to the next point.

3) Pay attention to how much information they choose to share

Not everyone is open to sharing personal information about themselves, so this might be difficult to judge. However, you can get a fairly good idea of whether or not they will be open to discussing their past mistakes if you pay attention to how much they choose to share in the beginning. If they are reluctant to mention what went wrong when describing their own journey through life – which is important for learning from them – then perhaps try a new point on your list.

4) Listen carefully and read between the lines

If somebody seems ‘informative’, it usually means that the person has had many experiences in life and feels comfortable speaking on a wide range of topics. These people are often well-known around their community as being an authority on certain subjects, which is what makes them good mentors. This is why it’s important to pay attention to the person’s tone of voice and choice of words.

5) Take your time to get to know them

Even if somebody seems like a promising mentor at the first meeting, you should still take your time before forming an opinion. People can look different once you get to know their personality more fully – so try not to be too hasty when making certain judgments about somebody’s capabilities as a mentor based on first impressions.

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