If you have never been to a psychic or medium, you may not be sure what to expect. In fact, even if you have been to a psychic before, you may not be sure what to expect when you visit Mel. He is, after all, refreshingly different than other psychics or mediums in the country.
Mel is an intuitive, psychic, and a medium. He is able to connect with clients immediately, and give feedback throughout your session together. However, he doesn’t just provide one time appointments. Instead, Mel offers a variety of services that include ways to empower yourself to trust your own intuition more.
If you have ever felt…

– Worried about an upcoming job change
– Anxiety over a broken relationship
– Concern about optimum health decisions or a troubling family history
– Worried that you weren’t making the right decision
– Grief over a broken relationship or a loved one who has passed away
– Worried if a loved one is happy on the “other side”
– Jittery about making a major (or minor) life decision
– Like you want confirmation that you are headed in the right direction
– Worried about your child, or about your own parenting skills
– Lonely
– Like you wanted a friend to truly listen to you, validate your feelings, and offer intuitive encouragement

…Visiting Mel should be your next step! Spending time with him, during any of his services, is an investment in your own health and healing.
Mel offers a variety of services to suit your needs, including:

– Individual appointments, where you can find out answers to your specific worries or situations, as well as connect with loved ones who have passed away.
– Classes, where you can join in with others who want to explore learning more about their own intuition.
– Intuitive Strategic Planning sessions, where you can learn how your past and a glimpse into your future can help you know what to do next.

Give Mel’s office a call to talk about what service you would like to pursue first. Your peace of mind and confidence, as well as Mel, are waiting.

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