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What is Self-Awareness and How Can It Help You?

Self-awareness has become somewhat of a buzzword, but it’s so much more than that. People who can harness the power of self-awareness live more successful, enjoyable lives than those who just float along and let life happen to them. Of course, that starts with having an understanding of what self-awareness is and how it can help you build the life you’ve always wanted. Here’s what you need to know. 

What is Self-Awareness?

Self-awareness doesn’t have a hard-and-fast definition, but many experts agree that it’s an ability to:

Focus on one’s own actions, thoughts, and emotions, as well as how those do or don’t align with their core values, beliefs, and standards. 

Those who are highly self-aware are good at regulating their emotions, evaluating their capabilities and performance, and aligning their behaviors with their core values. They also tend to be better at understanding how they’re perceived by others. 

It’s a level of objectivity that most of us strive to achieve throughout our lives, and yet it comes naturally for some. The good news for the rest of us is that it can also be learned

What are the Benefits of Being Self-Aware?

Self-awareness gives you the power to influence the outcomes of your life and your decisions. It also helps you to become a better decision-maker in the first place. People who are self-aware can:

  • Understand things from different perspectives
  • Communicate with more clarity and intention
  • Build better relationships
  • Decrease stress and create a happier life 

So, how do you achieve this type of self-awareness? Here are a few tips. 

  1. Ask what, not “why”—instead of asking why something isn’t working in your life, ask what is keeping it from working. This could be you, someone else, an external factor, etc. 
  2. Be open to feedback and willing to change. Self-aware people desire growth and change to achieve the vision of themselves they have in their mind. You cannot grow without learning along the way. 
  3. Learn to view yourself and others objectively. It’s really hard to get rid of that subjective, self-critical view that the world pushes on most of us, but it’s essential to success here. Objectivity is the key to self-awareness. 

More importantly than all of these tips, figure out what types of exercises help you build the kind of self-awareness you want, and then go from there. As long as you’re focused on reaching the goals you’ve set forth in your vision, you’ll succeed every time. Contact Mel Doerr today to learn more!

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