Using Meditation and Mantras to Decrease Anxiety

Have you ever felt symptoms of anxiety during your daily life? Perhaps you felt your heart racing before a big meeting at work or noticed your hands shaking while waiting in your doctor’s office. Stressful situations can cause fleeting moments of anxiety for all adults, but for those who live with anxiety, the feelings and symptoms can be daily occurrences. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America estimates that more than 40 million American adults live with some type of anxiety disorder. That number amounts to more than 18% of the adult population. Anxiety is a serious issue that requires a multidisciplinary approach.

For mild anxiety and for more severe cases, people can find relief by practicing meditation and by using mantras. These two techniques can give the anxious brain something else to think about for a moment, resulting in a decrease in anxiety symptoms. These techniques are not meant to replace a comprehensive mental health program, but to add to the toolbox of resources for people living with anxiety.

Practice Makes Perfect
Meditation can seem overwhelming for most people when they first think about it. Sitting quietly for hours on the floor and chanting “ohm” certainly seems elusive to most of us. However, meditation doesn’t have to be hours long to be effective. In fact, you just need to practice it for a few minutes daily. Use an app like Headspace to get started, and try to practice meditation each day around the same time. Incorporate it into your morning or evening routine so that when you are feeling extra anxious, your brain already knows how to slip into mindful meditation.

Find a Mantra You Love
Mantras are short phrases, or even single words, that you can repeat to yourself during meditation or any other time during your day. Find a mantra or two that you love, and that provides you with feelings you need to combat your own anxiety. For example, try “I am safe and loved” or “Yes, I can” to feel empowered and in control. Once you have a few mantras you connect with, try writing them down and posting them in places throughout your home and office. Use the mantras during stressful situations to draw you into the moment and give you the emotional boost or confidence you need. Once you outgrow a mantra or no longer need it, find new ones that speak to you in your new season.

Combine the Two
Meditation and mantra repetition work great alone or together. After you get the hang of sitting quietly during meditation, try repeating your mantra during this quiet time. You can reset your feelings and your situation at any time by using your new skills.

If you are living with anxiety about what decision to make next, or if you are seeking out closure, you may benefit from a session with Intuitive Mel Doerr. Using a combination of relationship building, intuition, and planning, Mel gives clients that chance to resolve some anxious feelings. Call the office today to find out more.

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