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Setting an Intention for the New Season

There are certain times of the year when it feels like a fresh start, and the perfect time to set a new intention for yourself moving forward. It doesn’t have to be January 1 to change your perspective or to make a new goal. In fact, the beginning of spring is a wonderful time of year to set a new intention that will carry you through the next months. Harness the new season energy and positivity by setting a new intention.

What is an intention?

You may have heard the word “intention” before, but may be unclear about its meaning. Is it a goal? Is it a mantra? It’s neither of those. An intention is a short and clear sentence (or sometimes it is just a word) that guides you through a certain timeframe. An intention helps you keep a certain principle at the center of your decisions and life, which can help you maintain a healthy perspective in an otherwise chaotic life.

Why should I set an intention?

Setting an intention can be extremely therapeutic and centering. Making decisions (minor or complex) can get easier, and you may even feel less stressed once you set an intention.

What are intention ideas?

Everyone is unique, as are intentions. However, you can find inspiration for your personal intention by brainstorming things you would like to keep at the center of your life. Words like “gratitude” and “present” can be effective, as can affirming statements like “I choose to be kind”. If you are struggling with regret, a statement like “I am not bound by my past decisions” could be just the affirmation you need to make it through this next season.

To find an intention that fits your season of life, carry a journal with you to jot down words or phrases that resonate with you right now. After you have written down a few, narrow the list to two or three. Then, keep those in your mind as you go about your day or week, making time for silence to think about which one will be your spring mantra.

If you are struggling with issues with closure or are unable to find the inner voice of your intuition to guide you with your intention, you would likely benefit from a session with Mel Doerr. He can give you the tools you need to confidently step into this season of renewal.

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