Mel Doerr knew that he was “different” than others when he was in first grade. With psychic tendencies running in his family – his father and grandfather were highly intuitive and psychic – Mel had his first brush with his gift when he was just 7, walking in to see his mother crying at the kitchen table. He immediately knew (correctly) that his grandfather had died. Since that brush with his intuition at that young age, Mel has practiced his gift and become a reliable staple in the Chicagoland area.

Mel grew up in Kentucky, and anyone who meets him can feel the southern hospitality from the first hello. His genuine desire to get to know people and help them on their life journey is evident in every interaction. “I know that everyone needs some help with different parts of their life,” says Mel. “From grief or relationship issues, health or job concerns, any of it – I’m ready to make them feel comfortable and give them the guidance they need.”

Part friend, part therapist, and part intuitive, Mel’s psychic and medium abilities are well documented through client stories and local police work. He has been featured on local and national radio and television programs, including Eric & Kathy, Mancow, and WGN. A loyal and reliable help on many Chicagoland criminal cases, including the infamous Brown Chicken Murders, Mel has been lauded by Police Chiefs as a “policeman without a badge”.

Mel has more than 4 decades of practicing in the Chicagoland area, always learning more and more about his skill. He has studied with famous psychics including Peter Hurkos, and now currently is able to give back as a mentor for intuitives who are learning their own skills.

When Mel isn’t in the office connecting with clients, he is active with serving on various nonprofit Boards throughout the area. “My mom raised me to always do as much good as possible,” says Mel. “I’m happy that I can do that for various agencies throughout the Chicagoland area.”

Meeting Mel is a once in a lifetime experience, and you will leave a better person for it, inspired and ready for your next life chapter. Make an appointment to connect with Mel soon!

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