Mel offers individual appointments and classes for clients that are renowned throughout the Chicagoland area. However, his Intuitive Strategic Planning sessions are at the forefront of the psychic community. If you have ever dreamed of discovering your own potential, or have wondered how to achieve the goal you’ve set for yourself long ago, an Intuitive Strategic Planning session is your ticket to confidence, peace of mind, and success.

Mel is more than a Psychic and Medium. His gift of intuition, and his genuine desire to help his clients succeed, paved the road for him to build the Intuitive Strategic Planning process. Part therapy session and part intuitive reading, Mel works with clients individually to dive into their past and give them back their own power and self confidence to push forward in life.

“I do more than offer life advice,” says Mel. “I’m giving clients the chance to find out what might be blocking them from doing what they dream of.” With affirmation, encouragement, and a lot of intuition, Mel is able to work with clients on an ever evolving life plan that gets them from Point A to Point B.
Clients love the personalized attention, and the planning process provides them with insight that can help them in multiple areas of their life. With Mel’s guidance and intuition, clients can be confident that they are moving in the right direction for their life and making the best decisions possible. “We work on everything during ISP sessions,” says Mel. “I also function as a medical intuitive, making sure to put optimum health decisions as a priority and that they are resolving past hurts or relationships so that they can move forward in a healthy way.”

If you’ve ever wondered why you are too nervous to make decisions or why you haven’t achieved your goals, you will benefit from Intuitive Strategic Planning sessions with Mel. You’ll discover what has been holding you back and get the affirmation you need to continue on a healthy path in the future.
Intuitive Strategic Planning sessions are a popular choice for most of our clients. Give the office a call to set up yours!

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