Have you ever wondered the difference between a psychic and an intuitive? Are they the same thing, or is one title outdated, and are they the same thing as a medium? Don’t worry if you aren’t quite sure the difference between the two professions, or which one would best serve you in your current situation. Most people who call Mel Doerr aren’t quite sure initially either! 

In an effort to make you a more informed consumer, here are a few differences and similarities between a psychic and an intuitive.


In general, psychics are especially sensitive to things that are supernatural. That does not mean that psychics can interact with ghosts or people who have passed away. Instead, psychics are naturally more sensitive to a sixth sense, or a way of interpreting the world through a more supernatural lens. When most psychics work with a client, they receive information and then need to interpret that information to the person.


In contrast, an intuitive does not need to interpret the information they are given. Instead, these individuals simply “know” certain things that have happened or that could happen. Someone who is an intuitive is especially sensitive to something we all have – our intuition, or that little voice inside our head. An intuitive has likely always been extra sensitive and tuned in to that voice and can now use it to benefit others.

Which Is Best for You?

Your spiritual guide can encourage you and support you during your life. Choosing one can be difficult, but it starts with relationship and trust. Mel Doerr is a well-established Intuitive who has served people in Chicagoland and throughout the country for decades. He devotes his time to building trust with his clients and teaching them how to harness their own intuitive powers so they can be still and listen to their inner guide.

If you are curious about Mel or his intuitive process, call our office. We would love to answer your questions or set up your first appointment.

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