Are you entering the new year feeling unsure of what the next 365 days will bring? If you are feeling anxiety or trepidation regarding the new year, it could be because you are carrying baggage with you as you embark on this fresh start. Learn how to put down the weight of what you are carrying into the new year and begin 2020 with a breath of fresh air and a commitment to healing.

Put Down What Doesn’t Serve You

For many of us, we carry things with us that no longer serve us, making them a dead weight that hinders forward momentum. Perhaps you no longer need to carry that desire to please everyone in the new year, or perhaps you can put down some of your perfectionist tendencies to make your next year feel lighter. You may not even realize how much something was weighing you down until you actively choose to set it down and move on without it.

Remember that you will have to make a conscious decision to let something go, and you will have to make that decision over and over again until it becomes a habit.

Rally Your Support Team

If you are moving into 2020 with feelings of worry or anxiety, it’s time to rally your support team. Talk to your trusted family and friends about your feelings and what you are going to actively work on this year. Ask for their help by telling them what you need. You can accomplish so much more when you know you have a true-blue team beside you ready with encouragement and support.

Listen to Yourself

Your intuition can guide you in the direction of healing, but you must listen to it. Many people have trouble finding their inner voice among the noise and distraction of daily life in today’s world. However, you can learn how to be still and quiet enough to listen to your intuition and then follow it.

Mel Doerr is an expert when it comes to intuition, and he can teach you how to best listen to yours. Call the office today to learn more about his services, including visits and courses, and how those could start you on your own personal path to healing and confidence.

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