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Loving Yourself This Valentine Season

February is a month dedicated to celebrating love, but it can also be a month that feels especially lonely for someone who is single, going through a break-up, or grieving another type of loved one loss. This month, how about celebrating and loving the one person who is always there for you – yourself!

Loving yourself doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, even someone with high self-esteem and feelings of self-worth can grow in their self-love habits. Here are a few ways you can start your journey to caring for and loving yourself this month and throughout the rest of the year.

Check Your Self-Talk

Self-love starts within. It’s hard to love yourself when your inner dialogue is full of negative statements or doubt. When you face something difficult, or when you are in the midst of a challenging scenario, or when you make a mistake, take time to tune in to what you are saying internally about it. Are you saying kind things like, “you worked really hard on this project and should be proud” or “you can do this”? Or, are you thinking negative thoughts like “you can never do this” or “you always fail”?

You may be surprised at how much negative thoughts are happening daily in your brain. Change your narrative and instead consciously speak to yourself with kindness, grace, and love.

Ditch Toxic Relationships

You can’t love yourself if you are involved in relationships that make you feel bad about yourself. Take an honest inventory of the relationships in your life and how each one contributes to your emotional well-being. While friendships are easier to pare down, family relationships can be more difficult when trying to get rid of toxic relationships. Work on good boundary-setting practices to assure you are surrounding yourself with people who care for you and contribute positively to your life.

Listen to Your Intuition

Everyone has intuition, the small voice that guides us through decisions and situations. Unfortunately, most of us are not tuned into that intuition, meaning we can’t hear what it is trying to tell us. You can learn to tap into your intuition, giving you a gentle voice to steer you in the right direction.

Start your process by calling the office of Mel Doerr. We are here to provide you 1:1 sessions as well as group classes so that you can hear your intuition once again. Call us today to get started.

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