What is the Best Way to do Mediation?

One of the ways you can cope in a high stress environment is trough mediation. Through mediation, you can relax while increasing your awareness. There are different kinds of meditation making it suitable for each person based on their personality and lifestyle. When it comes to the best way to meditate, you need to find out what works for you. These are some of the meditation practices you can consider.

Loving-kindness/metta meditation:

Its aim is to enable one to have an attitude of love and kindness towards everything including stress triggers and enemies. It is best for those who have issues with anger, frustration, interpersonal conflict, and resentment. Metta meditation can also help improve one’s improve one’s interpersonal skills which can help them build relationships with others.

Breath awareness meditation:

This encourages the practice of mindful breathing. During the meditation process, one breathes deeply and slowly while placing their focus on their breathing. It helps block other thoughts from entering the mind and reduces anxiety while improving emotional flexibility. It can help prevent and reduce the effects of panic attacks.

Kundalini yoga:

This is active meditation that combines movements with mantras and deep breathing. One can learn in class or get an instructor. It can improve physical and mental strength and can help reduce anxiety. One can learn the moves and practice them at home.

Zen meditation:

Is part of a Buddhist practice where one finds a comfortable position, and focus on breathing while observing one’s thoughts. Most people who practice it learn from a teacher since there are specific steps involved. This type of meditation requires practice and discipline as it offers relaxation and can guide one on a new path.

Different meditation practices have different approaches but they all have a similar goal. However, when choosing the best meditation practice, you need to consider your goals. If you need guidance on what to do, you can contact me, Mel Doerr to help you find your way. It is normal to feel lost at some point of your life and seeking help can make sure you do not face the journey alone.

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