Ways to Take Care of Yourself During Transitional Times

Have you felt yourself struggling the past few weeks? September is a month of transition for many of us. Back to school season can affect the entire household, no matter how old the child who is headed back to the classroom. Even if you don’t feel the back to school emotions, the end of summer and beginning of autumn can feel like a major transition as well. Shorter days and more darkness, as well as colder temperatures, can draw you into a more isolated season, staying cozy in your home.

September can be a tough month for everyone, as it brings all sorts of change and transition. Without assuring to take care of yourself, you can find yourself feeling angry more than usual, experiencing sleep disturbances, and lacking your normal creativity. Fortunately, you can thrive during transitional times of your life by paying close attention to your personal self-care strategies. Here are just a few ways you may find comfort this season.

Take a Walk
Exercise is a wonderful way to take care of yourself, and you don’t have to be a marathon runner to get the benefits from movement. Make it a priority to take a stroll around your neighborhood, no matter the weather, daily for a month. You can spend your walking time with a friend or a dog, listening to a podcast or the chirping birds. Self-care means you get to do what makes you feel your best, so experiment with your exercise routine until you find something you love.

Put Down the Phone
While your phone, television, tablet, and computer help you feel connected to the outside world, you could be using them as a way to further isolate yourself. Make a commitment to having electronic-free hours at home, putting your phone in a drawer and choosing to pick up a book or draw a bath. Your body and mind will appreciate the time spent unplugged.

Catch Up with Friends
Call your best friend and set up a date to grab dinner, or write a movie date in your calendar (in ink). Connecting with friends and family members can give you a sense of support and encouragement during challenging times of transition.

Talk to Someone
Finally, self-care practices certainly include visits with a professional. Some people choose to see a therapist to talk through their feelings and some people choose to work with Mel Doerr, an Intuitive Strategic Planning Practitioner. Even better, some people choose to do both! When you work with Mel, you have the chance to gain some perspective and control over your transition, which can calm your anxiety or worry.

Give our office a call today to set up your initial visit. We would love to help you steer through this transitional time.

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