Autumn and winter are typically seasons of reflection and turning inward. Less daylight, colder temperatures, and unsafe driving conditions can often create the perfect environment to stay at home and retreat from social obligations. Unfortunately, this retreat and other conditions can lead to feelings of sadness, anxiety, and restlessness.

If you are worried or nervous about heading into the autumn season, you aren’t alone. A number of people find the autumn and winter seasons difficult to navigate in a healthy way, especially those who have lost someone – or something. Grief is a tricky emotion, leaving us feeling okay one minute and clinging to despair in the next. 

Take Care of Yourself

Grief can take hold to anyone, but you can increase your ability to cope by committing to caring for yourself this season. Start with the easy things that make you physically healthy – drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, exercise, and get to the doctor for a check-up. Then, work on carving out time to create mental health as well – see a therapist, schedule time to relax, check out your favorite books from the library. Caring for yourself is the first step in living with grief.

Rally Support

You shouldn’t feel like you have to walk through grief alone, even if you feel lonely in your struggle. Instead, gather people you love and trust close, telling them when you are having a hard time and what you need. Your family and friends can sit beside you so that you feel less alone.

Get Closure

For many people living with grief over someone or something, finding closure can be a healthy step to acceptance. Visiting Mel Doerr for an Intuitive session can be incredibly healing, offering you the opportunity to receive closure and direction for the new chapter in your life.

Consider starting this season with a visit to our office. We would be honored to meet you and work with you during this time.

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