Back to School Stress Busters

Back to school has a slightly different feel to it this year. People are nervous, unsure of what to do, and hoping for the best. For any parent or student who is struggling with this newfound stress, know that there are options that can help. Whether you are going to a physical school, learning virtually, or some combination of both, there are ways to beat the stress. Here are a few tips that can make the chaos a bit easier to manage.

Ideas to Help Parents Manage Back to School Stress

Parents are facing an impossible choice this year. The safety of their children is paramount, but their need for a formal education cannot be discounted. If you are at this impasse, know that you are not alone. Other people are going through the same emotions as you. Sometimes knowing that you are not alone in what is going on can really help.

Another thing that can help you with your stress is to stay organized. If you know what to expect day in and day out, it can help bring about a sense of calm. Learn what your new schedule is with your child or children and write it out. The fewer unexpected circumstances that arise, the easier back to school can be for everyone.

Helping Kids Manage Back to School Stress

Since this circumstance is so new, everyone is learning to manage it together. For kids who regularly face back to school stress, this year brings about an entirely new reason for nerves. When kids get stressed, they often lose sleep, which can make the stress exponentially worse. Help set your kids up so they can get a good night’s sleep as this can help keep them focused and healthier.

Techniques like visualization and meditation can help kids overcome their stress as well. It lets them see calmer surroundings where they have more control over the situation. It is a great time to learn these techniques. They will be able to use them through the rest of the pandemic, as well as any stressful event they have in life.

Want More Ideas? I Can Help!

If you are in search of alternative ways of being able to beat back to school stress, then contact me, Mel Doerr. I will be glad to sit and share techniques with you that have worked for others, and narrow down the best stress-busters for you.

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