Meditation Can Bring Peace to Your Life

Normally, many people become stressed out due to work or family commitments, but the Covid 19 pandemic has brought added stress to life for the last 18 months. If you have been feeling the effects of stress, you need to think about the benefits of meditation. A regular meditation schedule may lead you to a fuller, more productive, less stressful life.

Benefits of Meditation

One of the largest benefits to doing meditation is a noticeable reduction in your stress levels. Researchers have found that regular meditation reduces the amount of cortisol in your system. Cortisol is a fight or flight chemical. It raises your blood pressure and speeds up your breathing and heart rate. Cortisol can lead to anxiety and depression as well. By meditating daily, you will be able to lower your levels of cortisol and feel better.

Meditation for Mental Health

Meditation helps tremendously for people who are struggling with aspects of their mental health. In fact, there is research that suggests meditation may be better than medication for some people struggling with depression. The less medication you need to take to cope with stress, anxiety or depression, the better for your overall health. While you meditate, you may be able to reduce the amount of negative or self-defeating thoughts. This will help you become more positive and focused on your life moving forward.

Meditation for Focus

Doctors recommend meditation for people who have trouble focusing. Research shows that people who meditate have longer attention spans than people who don’t meditate. In fact, even children who meditate can improve their attention spans. Meditation is helpful for children and adults who are suffering from ADHD as well. When you meditate, you can reduce the worrying, troubling or repetitive thoughts that can derail concentration.

Meditation for A Clear Mind

There has also been research that suggests meditation may help slow the signs of aging, and may even slow the signs of dementia. Because meditation accesses areas in the brain, it may keep your brain clearer well into your 90s.

While meditation is an amazing thing to try, it can be difficult to get started or to keep a good meditation schedule. When you need help maintaining a meditation schedule or with balance in your life, contact Mel Doerr today.

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