How to Tell If a Medium Is “Real”

Working with a medium can be an amazing, empowering, uplifting experience. They can help you gain perspective on what’s to come while also helping you connect with your current situation in new ways. However, not all mediums are legitimate. While some people exercise their gift to help others grow and thrive, some are not “real” and are only out to take advantage of people. How can you tell if a medium is “real” or not?

They Don’t Focus on Fear

A genuine medium employs their gifts to help others. It’s not about evoking fear or warning about some impending disaster. Life is hard enough without someone telling you about how much worse it’s about to get if you don’t follow their instructions explicitly. A “real” medium will be supportive, encouraging, and focused on helping you grow and thrive, not on fearmongering or control.

They Want You to Form a Support Network

A “real” medium doesn’t want to be your only touchstone. They want you to create a support network of others to help you manifest the life of your dreams. They understand that they have a role to play in that network but that they are only one of many people who can and should aid you. In contrast, a less-than-genuine medium will try to make you more dependent on them and them alone.

They Make You Feel Seen and Validated

Whatever you call a medium’s gifts – psychic abilities, “second sight,” or something else – these should encourage and uplift people. A genuine medium always makes you feel seen, validated, and comfortable. If you feel uneasy or anxious about the individual, especially during or after meeting with them, it’s a good sign they’re not genuine.

They Don’t Guarantee Anything

Life is a constant flow of ever-changing possibilities. Everything that happens depends on everything else happening. There is nothing set in stone. A genuine medium will never guarantee anything because they understand this incredibly complex dance of interconnectedness. They’ll share guidance and advice to help you steer toward a brighter, happier future, but they know there are no guarantees.

A “real” medium is a supportive friend, a compassionate guide. They’re someone who lifts others up and helps them become the best versions of themselves. If you’re working with someone who does not do this for you, ask yourself if they’re genuine or not. Contact Mel Doerr now if you have any further questions or book an appointment!

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