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Caring for Others and Yourself

Knowing you can help someone you care about is so rewarding. Being a support system for someone, or helping them achieve a goal is such a fulfilling gift to be able to give. However, while being your loved one’s biggest cheerleader can be fulfilling, it can also be easy to forget that you need a cheer too. Finding a balance between helping others and not losing yourself is key to being the best you can be, as well as preventing seasons of burnout or compassion fatigue.

Take Care of Yourself 

This may sound selfish, but you are, and should always be, your own first priority. If you are not at the top of your game, how can you successfully help someone else? Being overworked or stressed out does not put you in an optimal position to be there for someone else. Instead, this is when you may begin to get frustrated with others or resentful. These are all normal feelings to have when you are taking on more than you can handle. 

Setting a daily routine for yourself can make a world of difference. Meditation, journaling and even breathing exercises can help you feel more focused and better able to help others. Breathing exercises have been known to help manage stress and relieve anxiety, which gives you the right mindset for helping others.

Know Your Limits

It has been proven that all too often caring for others can negatively affect your health. This caregiver stress can lead to unhealthy coping skills like smoking, drinking, or excessive eating. This is why it is important to understand when you need to push yourself away and take care of yourself. The only way to help another person is to help yourself first.

When you set out to help someone else you know that you are doing something positive. However, you may not understand the emotional and physical effects it can have on your self-care. Having empathy for others is only human but when it negatively affects your health it is important to know when to stop and reprioritize your life. 

Mel Doerr can help you on your journey to achieving balance in your life. A session with Mel can help you find peace within yourself to be a better friend but also a healthier you.

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