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Tips for Setting Your Intentions

Everything in your life is a matter of intentions. When you set your intentions, you can turn your grandest visions into reality and receive what you want.

Every action starts with setting intentions, whether conscious or subconscious. By consciously setting your intentions, you can tangibly shift the desired outcome.

Your set intentions can be toward something tangible, like a new home, or something intangible, like a new state of being. Regardless of your desired outcome, you can follow some simple steps to set clear and achievable intentions in your life.

Understand The Value

Before you do anything else, you need to assess your values and how your intentions work into your values. Your intentions should align with your highest self.

What that means is you can set an intention to have a certain amount of savings by the end of the year, even if your savings are depleted now. However, you shouldn’t set an intention that goes against your intrinsic values or morals. Create a list of your core values and ensure your intentions align with them.

Determine What You Want to Achieve

After ensuring your intentions are aligned with your beliefs, you must envision your desired outcome. Whether this is a tangible achievement or not, what’s most important is you have a goalpost of how your intention will look and feel once it is achieved. Set your goals based on how achieving them will make you feel – in the mind, body, and spirit.

Put Your Intentions into the World

Perhaps the most important piece, you must take your intentions and set them free into the world. When you allow yourself to confirm your intentions aloud, you send a powerful and energic vibration into the universe. The law of attraction states what you want will come to you. The act of speaking about your intentions strengthens this.

You can speak them aloud or write them down. You can create a special place in your home to either repeat your intentions aloud or journal about them. Ideally, you will reaffirm your intentions daily.

Remain Positive

You can’t expect your intentions to magically manifest overnight. Setting meaningful intentions and reaffirming them aloud is a good start. Then, you must have faith that the universe will bring you what is meant for you and use your intuition to follow life paths that most clearly align with your intention. Overall, remain positive and open, using your intentions as a guiding force. Give Mel Doerr a call if you need more information.

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