When thinking back on significant setbacks or hurtful situations in your past, it is easy to dismiss them. After all, we often tell one another to “leave the past in the past”. However, the past never really stays in the past. Our setbacks, challenges, and accomplishments from the past come back to shape our attitude and outlook of the future.

For years, Mel Doerr has witnessed clients struggling to find peace with, or excitement for, the future. In almost every case, the client could not look forward to the future without taking the time to look back to the past. Fortunately, through an innovative approach, he is guiding clients to appreciate the past and look toward a happy future.

What is Intuitive Strategic Planning?
Intuitive Strategic Planning (ISP) is part strategic planning session, part intuitive reading. Mel’s clients use their ISP appointments to thoughtfully look back at the past and acknowledge times they have been challenged, hurt, or discounted. Then, Mel and the client work together to discover how this past event has affected the client’s current life.

Seeing the positive opportunities
Our pasts are full of embarrassment, failure, and more serious challenges or attacks. However, with the right attitude, and in a safe setting, you can look at those past setbacks as learning opportunities. When you are able to frame the past as a classroom, you are then able to take what you learned and apply it to your current and future endeavors.

How to get started
Begin your ISP journey with Mel Doerr today! You will love learning from your past, and hearing what your future may have in store. Give us a call to set up your first appointment. Your promising future, and a new outlook on the past, await you!

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