November is here, which means stores are already promoting holiday sales and ornaments are in Target aisles across the country. While the holiday season kickoff seems to be getting earlier and earlier each year, November is still a month typically grounded in gratitude. No matter if you are listening to holiday music already, or if you wait until the turkey and pumpkin pie are eaten up, you can find a sense of peace and contentment if you begin a regular practice of gratitude.

This month is the perfect time to begin a daily routine of listing a few things you are thankful for. You’ll be surprised at how you feel after keeping this habit for the length of November. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude has been linked to many benefits.

Improved Physical Health
Did you know grateful people are often healthier people? It’s true! Scientists have found that people who practice gratitude often experience fewer aches and pains than their peers, and feel generally healthier. Further, people who are thankful for their bodies are much more likely to take care of their bodies. You will find practicing gratitude leads you to finally making that preventative care check-up at your physician’s office.

Improved Self-Esteem
It’s no surprise here, but thankful people feel better about themselves, reporting higher self-esteem than their peers. High self-esteem can lead to decreased depression or anxiety, along with feeling more confident and empowered to make more positive life changes.

More Empathy
People who practice gratitude are more likely to relate to others and have empathy for neighbors (or strangers) going through difficult times. Empathy is a lovely catalyst for positive change, and those with empathy are less likely to be angry or aggressive.

More Resilience
People who are thankful aren’t always coming from perfect circumstances. In fact, people often begin practicing gratitude in the middle of difficult times – a cancer diagnosis, a job loss, etc. Gratitude helps them to realize what is going well in their lives, instead of focusing on what isn’t. This type of outlook builds resilience and mental fortitude, making grateful people stronger than those who don’t feel the same way.

This month, try practicing gratitude. We know you’ll see the benefits of it within just a few weeks.

Looking for another reason to be grateful? You don’t have to try to do life on your own or feel like you are wandering aimlessly. Let us be your guide on this life journey. Give us a call to talk more about our Intuitive Strategic Planning sessions; we’d love to partner with you!

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