Top Questions to Ask a Medium

Of the various spiritual guides in the world, mediums are often the least understood. Mediums are individuals who can communicate with the deceased. In essence, they act as a bridge between someone alive and one of their deceased friends or family members.

The Difference Between Psychics and Mediums

Psychics are logical and translate information using sounds, feelings, words, and images to guide those who seek them out. Mediums work with spirits without the use of tools. Instead, they use intuition paired with audible messages or mental images to communicate with those who are deceased.

Preparing to Meet a Medium

Having a list of questions is a good way to prepare. You also want to ready yourself mentally for the experience. If you aren’t aware of family history, now is a good time to do some research. While friends and family members are most likely to speak with you, it’s not uncommon for pets to appear. Make sure you’re ready to hear from anyone who answers.

Great Questions to Ask a Medium

There are many questions to ask a medium when you choose to visit one. The questions may be for the medium themselves while others are directed toward the loved one who was passed on. Some of the most popular questions to ask mediums include:

  • Is there a way for me to develop my medium abilities?
  • Which spirits are guiding me?
  • What signs are there of being a medium?
  • How can I move past an unresolved issue with a deceased loved one?
  • What does my loved one wish for me and how can I make it happen?
  • What messages do my loved ones have for me?
  • What special things do my loved ones wish for me to know?
  • What is the loved one’s response to a question I never got to ask?
  • Is there any guidance or advice you have for me?
  • What signs indicate that my loved ones are with me?
  • What are my loved one’s thoughts on the choices I have been making?
  • Is my loved one still upset with me?
  • I want to apologize for something in the past, what is my loved one’s response?

You can use these questions as a starting point to create your list of inquiries you want to make when you visit a medium.

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