Signs a Loved One May Be Trying to Make Contact

Have you been wondering if a loved one is trying to communicate with you after death? A medium may be able to help you make contact and resolve any unspoken issues and emotions you have.

In some cases, a deceased loved one could be trying to send you a message to let you know they’re still there. There are several signs this could be happening to you.

Sensing a Presence

Many people hear, see, or even feel the touch of a loved one who has passed on. This might feel like an energy change nearby, the sense of someone sitting near you, the feeling of a soft breeze, or the touch of a hand against yours. This is a visit from a loved one who wants to connect with you. It often manifests as a sense of calm that washes over the body.

Misplacing Items in the Home

If a deceased family member wants to reach out to you, things might start being misplaced or lost. Items you always leave in a certain spot might turn up somewhere else. Maybe you place your keys in your pocket and when you go to use them, you find them in a room you haven’t been inside. This is a way to show a loved one’s presence and let you know they want to speak with you.

Smelling Specific Scents

A common way that spirits communicate is through scent. You might notice their signature cologne or perfume can suddenly be smelled. The same applies to the scents of food, flowers, or cigarettes. The scent is very closely linked to memory so loved ones often communicate in this manner. A sudden scent of a loved one means the bond remains even after death.

Visits in Dreams

When loved ones want to speak with you, you may see them in dreams. It’s easier for them to show up there than in the physical world. You may also be more receptive to them and their guidance when you are asleep. A direct message may be shared or the person may simply want to spend time with you.

Those who have experienced signs of a loved one trying to connect after death may be wondering where to turn next. A psychic medium is a right expert to help you connect and find out what your loved one wants from you. Reach out to Mel Doerr, who is a reputable medium to learn more about the process.

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