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Is a Medium Different From a Fortune Teller?

Have you been considering talking with a medium or a fortune teller? Maybe you are new to the idea entirely and aren’t sure whether there’s a difference between them. Below are some of the distinctions you will want to know.

What Does a Fortune Teller Do?

The word fortune teller often carries with it a lot of baggage. Sometimes it is confused with the term medium. While it might seem as though they are the same from an outside perspective, the two are quite different.

A fortune teller tends to be someone who uses techniques like crystal balls and palm reading to tell a person’s future. They may try to read fortunes for a person’s finances, romantic life, etc. These methods are questionable at best, and many who claim to be experts in this field are frauds, which is why “fortune teller” tends to have negative connotations.

When someone tries to picture a fortune teller in their head, they may imagine a woman dressed in colorful garb sitting at a table in front of a crystal ball. They might think about carnivals and odd little shops in the rundown parts of town with bright neon lights beckoning you to come in and have your fortune read.

Of course, this doesn’t go for all people who fancy themselves fortune tellers, but there’s a stigma that helps to keep most healthily wary of what they offer. You’ll soon see that they are quite a bit different from a professional medium.

What Is a Medium?

Mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. This can seem even more confusing than the difference between mediums and fortune tellers, but it’s not. A medium is someone who takes their ability to read the past, present, and future events of someone by utilizing that person’s energy and the spiritual energy that surrounds them.

They are intuitive and have a good sense of how to read various situations, people, and spirits. Mediums may also commune with the spirit energy of those who have passed away, which can provide them with the insight they need.

How to Choose a Medium

Generally, it’s best to stay away from self-proclaimed fortune tellers and instead work with a reputable medium. Take the time to research the medium you are considering. Check reviews and their credentials to get an idea of their reputation in the field. Contact Mel Doerr for more information!

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