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6 Tips to Discover Your True Passion

Some people are born with a passion that they know and love. Others must work harder to find theirs. However, no matter how deeply it is buried, you can rest assured that you do, indeed, have a true passion. It’s just a matter of figuring out what that is. Here are six tips to help. 

What Do You Enjoy?

This one might sound obvious, but most of us are far too busy to make time for joy these days. What is it that you truly enjoy doing? It doesn’t have to be a specific “thing” like painting or writing. It can be helping people, spending time in nature, or anything that brings you happiness. 

Shift Your Perspective 

Somehow, we’ve created a world where success is equated with accomplishments. It’s time to stop thinking that way. You’re not here to produce – you’re here to exist. Learn how to make peace with that and you’ll open your mind to exploring your passion more. 

Make a Vision Board 

A vision board can help you hold yourself accountable and inspire you to take action on your passion once you figure out what it is. Or perhaps you’ll use the vision board to help you find that passion in the first place. Either way, it can be a great source of inspiration. You can draw on it, write, cut and paste pictures and inspiration, and more.

Come Up with a Personal Statement and Vision

A personal statement is kind of like an all-encompassing way of expressing who you are and what drives your passion and inspiration. If you can identify your personal vision and what you want from life, this can help guide you. 

List the Things You Hate 

This might sound counterproductive, but it’s actually helpful in several ways. Listing out the things you hate may remind you of things that you love. It can also help you quickly eliminate potential “passions” because you aren’t interested in them (or certain aspects of them). 

Embrace Mindfulness and Self-Awareness

Finally, discovering your passion requires mindfulness and the capacity to be self-aware. Take the time to get to know yourself and consider what you want the joy in your life to be about. From there, finding and indulging your passion (or all of them) should be simple.

Practicing mindfulness daily, along with gratitude, will help you remain inspired and continue to strive for your goals, as well. Contact Mel Doerr to learn more!

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